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Free Shipping Over $75

About Us

CARVEMARK was created by entrepreneur, business consultant, and small business/emerging brand enthusiastic, Jason Crowe.  After working for with many large corporations with little for the individual customer, employee, and the world, he was determined to create a business with the sole intent of changing the current state of sales and empowering the small player that make a big difference. Carvemark helps, develops, and grows emerging brands.

From Day 1, CARVEMARK was not focused on its own success, but instead on the small businesses and foundations that it has partnered with.  The most crucial part of the business has always been the way it partners and selects companies that it chooses to do business with.  Through countless meetings, interviews, research and reviews it has built a portfolio of partners that all share the same intents:

  • Making a lasting impact on every cycle of business
  • Enhancing the customer experience 
  • Treating all respectfully, equally, and justly.
  • Manufacturing with the intent of creating a greener, cleaner world
  • Giving back to the world in any way that we can

The five traits are constantly being tested in each partner that we work with.  We can assure you that these are the people, companies, and brands eager to make the world a better place.

We support smaller businesses and foundations that are working hard to make a lasting impact in our world today.  Our vision is to change the way customers look at brands, companies, and corporations. With everything going on in the world today, we believe that each business should be devoted to its customers with the goal of protecting them and our earth for the future.

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