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About The Give Team

About The Give Team

THE GIVE TEAM MISSION: Build a strong community by empowering the youth of the community to develop strength and confidence. That strength is achieved by overcoming obstacles and giving back.

The Give Team is an obstacle course racing team composed primarily of students from the New Image Youth Center located in the inner city Parramore neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, a neighborhood once named among the most dangerous in the US. Weekly workouts develop a strong team and strong team members with a focus on developing leadership and goal setting skills. The Give Team motto is a central tenet of the New Image Youth Center, and a guiding principle of The Give Team Program:

​"No matter how little you have, you always have something to give."

Initially focused on encouraging students to help others in the community, it also applies to the physical activities we perform as a team and any time extra effort is required to differentiate yourself. When pushing through an intense workout, each team member is reminded they ALWAYS have more to give.

​So give more. Always.
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