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Pete Alport on Going All in On Your Passions

Pete Alport on Going All in On Your Passions

Pete Alport is an award-winning professional nature, commercial and outdoor sports photographer and videographer who has an inspiring story from beginning to end. From sunrise to sunset, his unrelenting passion and past struggles have fueled his personal journey of growth professionally and personally, allowing him to achieve the successes he has today.

Photo by: Pete Alport

Pete’s journey all began with his love for the snow as a young kid. He remembers being fascinated with the natural phenomenon from such a young age. Pete also always loved morning time. It began when his father first invited him on one of his duck hunting trips, which take place in the earliest hours for the morning. He cherished this quality time spent with his father. These outings also showed Pete, even as a child, that he should embrace every moment of the day and take advantage of the opportunities each hour presents. Little did he know that his fondness for the morning and the snow would come around to greatly shape the rest of his life.

The passion Pete found for all aspects of snowboarding pushed him to want to do better for himself and his future

Another key lesson that Pete said he will always carry with him from his childhood was "take nothing and make it something." This rang true when he first discovered snowboarding. He loved the thrill of boarding, but also loved being behind a camera showcasing the captivating sport through video footage, and later photographs. Pete had never been more motivated or excited by anything more in his younger life than improving his snowboarding and snowboarding videography. He says it was really the factor that showed him that long-term success can be a driving force behind your journey and success. The passion Pete found for all aspects of snowboarding pushed him to want to do better for himself and his future.

Pete was kicked out of high school three times. However, once he committed to college at Portland State University, he decided to put his focus on his work ethic and drive. While attending Portland State University, Pete earned an almost perfect GPA and graduated with honors. Even to this day, he cherishes the insight he gained from becoming passionate about something. Pete emphasizes that it is okay to acknowledge the struggles and trauma that you have been through in your life, especially when you allow it to push you to continue to achieve the best version of yourself every day. He reminds himself of this motto every day, “You’ve got today to work on it, so why not?”

“You’ve got today to work on it, so why not?” - Pete Alport

It is clear that Pete truly poured his heart out into moving his career along each step of the way. When talking about his progression and growth in his profession, Pete very explicitly stated, “The hustle is your passion. No one is going to make it happen except for you.” Pete makes sure to get the most out of his days, just like he learned as a kid, spending long days, from before dusk to dawn, capturing film and photos. This proved to be true in 2000 when Pete made his first full-length action sports movie, Daze, with no budget. Pete and a team of his friends traveled to interview and work with a variety of action sports athletes to produce footage that was edited into a successful film. Pete said that they didn’t plan for the film to become so popular. The team made Daze because they had a group of people full of passion and love to give to the project. When talking about how it was possible to make this all happen with no budget, Pete very plainly said, “Snow is free.” The team was very resourceful working with the tools, environment, and people that they had access to. Pete’s resourceful go-getter attitude continues to reign true today, he says that when he is working with professional athletes, “I like to give as much of my passion to the landscape and group as I can.” He says that this investment bodes for more successful shoots that both he and the athlete are proud of.

Photo by: Pete Alport

Currently, Pete is more focused on photography. The switch from videography to photography all stemmed from a pure fascination with the craft. Pete had years of experience building sets for his action sports video shoots, but one day, only 10 years ago, he snapped a photo during a video shoot, and he was hooked. He dove deep into learning about photography and how he could create exciting innovative works of art through this visual medium. The passion ignited the flame all over again. Pete commented on his fascination with investing in photography; he said: “I guess [fascination is in] the permanency of a photo - it will exist for life.” This fascination led Pete to win multiple awards, including the 2016 People’s Choice Award Photo of the Year for Snowboard Mag. Along with his passion for the craft, Pete balances it with his love and passion for his family, his home, and the outdoors.

Thank you to Pete for sharing your inspiring journey and insight! It is motivating to listen to someone speak so strongly on how a person’s passion can truly take them to heights unimagined. If you want to learn more about Pete Alport and see more of his work, check out his website or his Instagram linked below.

Written By: Anna Rice
Interview By: Jason Crowe

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