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Matt Fox on Minor Adjustments for Major Results

Matt Fox on Minor Adjustments for Major Results

Amidst the current pandemic, many people have had to adjust their daily lives in order to stay safe. From turning bedrooms into home offices to transitioning dining rooms into online school centers to taking kitchen skills to the next level to relocating fitness routines to living rooms and backyards rather than gyms, people have had to get creative and rethink some common daily tasks to adapt to the current circumstances. Matt Fox is someone that has been perfecting his home workout routine for more than just the past 6 months. For the past 3 years, Matt has been building multiple businesses, as a bodyweight trainer, fitness coach, and home workout enthusiast, by teaching his clients and followers the benefits and lifestyle changes that can come from training outside of the gym.

Matt hasn’t always been a person who loved training outside of the gym, but he has always been passionate about fitness and encouraging mental wellness through an active lifestyle. Growing up Matt played many different sports. Once he was old enough to travel on his own, he went around the world, mostly in Europe, to pursue a career as a professional tennis player. This lifestyle was exciting for Matt at the time but required a great amount of flexibility in his fitness routine and time away from his friends and family back in Australia.

At the young age of 21, Matt was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy, he was thankfully able to beat the cancer. Matt says after this he lost a great amount of his drive to live on his own while traveling around the world. This also led to a change in direction of Matt’s professional path. He worked at his family’s construction company for a couple of years to get by, but he knew that this was not where he wanted to be in the long run.

On the side of his full-time work, Matt maintained an active lifestyle. This was a constant in his life and truly helped him to improve his mental health alongside his physical health. At this point, Matt was still going to the gym for his workouts. It wasn’t until his wife got pregnant that he began exploring the idea of working out from home. Matt admits that he was starting to get sick of the routine of the gym, from the commute to the machines to the waiting times. He decided it was time for a switch-up. 

Matt had some experience with bodyweight training from his days traveling for tennis, but he dove deeper into research about this different type of fitness. After just three months, Matt felt a transformation not only in his body but also his lifestyle. He says his body changed in a way that he had never experienced before at the gym and he found more full-body strength and mobility due to the change in movement. He also loved the convenience that came with working out at home. He gained back extra time in which he could spend with his wife and soon-to-be child. These workouts really became something that he looked forward to every day. 

After Matt’s wife gave birth to their son, Matt led her in an at-home training program to help her get fit in her post-pregnancy body. She saw remarked results over the next 6 months and lost between 40-50 lbs. This was a turning point for Matt when he realized that he could take his new knowledge and apply it to the creation of a successful program for another person. He started posting workouts on social media for fun and over time he saw his social media presence begin to quickly grow. 

At the same time, he was working on establishing an online business where he created training plans for clients based on this bodyweight training philosophy. He proceeded to get his personal training certificate for the sake of credibility. Matt began to realize that this passion for fitness could lead to a new career path that he could build from the ground up. Matt and his family moved to Noosa two years ago, which is an area with a tropical climate. This location change allowed Matt to create another branch of his business where he holds outdoor workout classes and boot camps. When asked if he had any advice to give when it comes to following your passions, Matt says, “Anyone can do it, but it takes dedication and you have to put in the time.” 

“Anyone can do it, but it takes dedication and you have to put in the time.” - Matt Fox

On top of teaching people about the physical advantages that come with an active lifestyle, Matt is a huge advocate for the mental health benefits as well. He says that working out, in general, boosts his mood. Matt finds that this is true with many of the people he talks to, even people who are new to working out. He acknowledges that in the beginning, working out can feel more draining than energizing. Eventually, once the body gets into the routine, it is easier to focus on the boosts in mood and energy levels. People also can get in a rut with finding excuses not to work out, especially when they are first starting their fitness journey. This is why Matt believes that working out at home can be even more beneficial because it mitigates many of the potential excuses than can be made about going to the gym. 

Matt hopes to use his platform on social media as an educator, trainer, coach, and role model, rather than your typical “influencer.” He hopes to teach people about how they can transform their bodies and lives through home workouts. Eventually, Matt hopes to create a fitness app as his next step in providing a complete experience for his clients. 

Matt’s drive and dedication are very inspiring. It reminds us all that if we just keep our eye on our dreams and stick with our passions along this crazy path of life, we will continue to grow and evolve every day. Thanks for sharing your story, Matt! If you want to learn more about Matt's journey or try out some of his home workouts, check out his Instagram and website linked below.

Written by: Anna Rice
Interview by: Jason Crowe

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