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Brody Leven is an outdoor enthusiast, climate activist, and humble man who is also a zealous skier, runner, and climber with a love for the great Utahn outdoors. Brody’s story starts in Ohio where he began his own DJ business at the age of 9, skied the “mountains” (more like the hills) of the local Alpine Valley Ski Resort, and enjoyed soccer along with other common Midwestern sports. From a young age, Brody refused to let his future be defined by the norms of society, the restrictions that came with his location, or the fear of failure. 

Brody fell in love with skiing on a small hill at Ohio’s very own Alpine Valley Ski Resort. A place where many people don’t take their talents past the point of leisurely entertainment. Brody wanted to take his love for skiing further, however, his personal circumstances ran the risk of holding him back. Luckily, he is a firm believer in the idea that people shouldn’t allow their life struggles to hold them back or to cause them lose faith in themselves. Through saving money from his DJ business, Brody was able to attend a ski academy in Vermont. Through this achievement, he proved that with hard work, he had the power to steer his life in the direction he wanted. After solidifying his love for skiing, he chose to attend a college that was as close to the mountains as possible. This desire brought him to Westminster College in Utah where skiing was just a quick car ride away. While this may seem like the normal path for some people, for Brody, it required years of hard work, sacrifices, and risks. At this young age, Brody decided that it was worth leaving behind a profitable DJ business and moving across the country in order to chase his passion for skiing.

Photo of Brody Leven in Cooke City, MT – Taken by: Adam Clark

While Brody is a hardworking, adventurous, and positive person, he also possesses a more raw and vulnerable side to his personality. In our conversation, he explained that “It is okay to be vulnerable at times because that is the realness of life. If the path was easy, then the outcome would not be as rewarding.” Brody shared that his favorite part of skiing is not the downward descent, but actually the challenge of getting up the hill (And no that doesn’t mean by ski lift!). As a climber and hiker, Brody lives for the challenges that every part of a mountain presents. By breaking down the process into individual tasks and tackling one part of the mountain at a time, Brody is able to dominate different challenges with a greater sense of ease.

Brody’s logical, yet motivated, work ethic is a wise and effective approach to many aspects of life. The process of breaking down broad goals into smaller, more attainable steps can require a substantial amount of hard work, but it is important to avoid shying away from this effort. In the end, after pouring immense amounts of energy into each step of the process, it feels much more rewarding when you finally complete that overarching goal. Brody’s advice is important to remember when life’s obstacles may seem too large to overcome.


Photo of Brody Leven taken by Jason Eichhorst

Brody has developed many useful character traits on his path to achieving his life goals. These include having a strong moral compass and a sense of self-awareness. Although Brody spends each day inspiring and motivating people by sharing his life story, he views his career path as somewhat selfish. He shares how there are many occupations with the sole purpose of serving others. Yet he feels that his career sometimes lacks this aspect with its immense focus on chasing the outdoors. However, it is not difficult to see the remarkable impact Brody’s work has already had on many people and the planet. This perspective reveals how much change he is trying to create. Not only does he push and inspire people daily to live by their own rules, through inspiring creativity and adventure, but he is also a passionate climate activist. Since he spends a lot of his time climbing and descending from some of the world’s highest peaks, he also spends a lot of his time advocating for the protection of the environment. Giving back to the very thing he is so passionate about. Along with his day-to-day advocacy, Brody puts on his best suit and travels every year to speak to the US Congress about the importance of mitigating climate change. Brody’s passion for the outdoors truly resonates through his life endeavors and goals.

Thank you for sharing your story, Brody! It is so inspiring to hear about someone who is balancing the pursuit of their dreams while still giving back to the very thing, Mother Earth, that makes all of our passions possible. If you want to learn more about Brody, his adventures, and his climate advocacy, check out his website and Instagram linked below.

Written By: Anna Rice & Jason Crowe
Interview By: Jason Crowe


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