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Andrew Muse on Chasing the Unknown

Andrew Muse on Chasing the Unknown

Photo by: James Borsje

Andrew Muse is a professional multi-sport athlete, content creator, and social media influencer who has always been motivated by chasing the greater unknowns. From moving out West without knowing anybody, going to Hawaii alone with just a backpack, and setting off on the Tiny Home Adventure series in a 500 dollar 1976 Dyna Cruiser, Andrew lives for the thrill of adventure. He is forever grateful for all of the meaningful experiences and challenges throughout his journey that have pushed him to be where he is today.

Photos by: Andrew Muse / Waterfall photo by: Tom Lebsack

Andrew’s story starts in Salt Lake where he hit the mountains by day and waited tables by night. This lifestyle felt too cozy for Andrew. He felt very stagnant like he couldn’t amplify this life in any way. He decided to follow his life-long dream of rebuilding a bus into a house and living on the road. Even though five years later, Andrew says this life choice still feels like it was his destiny, it is safe to say that there were countless sacrifices along the way. Andrew reflects on this life decision and says, “It was a risk. It was scary. It was intimidating and, in the long run, it turned out to be a really incredible decision. It had its hardships and its drawbacks, but I am really grateful for what I have and what I’m able to create. Life is pretty good.” Those years of sleeping in stairwells, garages, couches, and many different vehicles, were truly transformative for Andrew in building the foundations and skill sets necessary to be able to live freely on the road full-time. 

“It was a risk. it was scary. It was intimidating and, in the long run, it turned out to be a really incredible decision. It had its hardships and its drawbacks, but I am really grateful for what I have and what I’m able to create. Life is pretty good.” -Andrew

The journey of living on the road full-time started with the first season of his Tiny Home Adventure series where Andrew and his dog, Booter, took off in a 500 dollar 1976 Dyna Cruiser to capture 12 episodes of multi-sport adventure. After just a few months on the road snowboarding, kiteboarding, and exploring, Andrew was launched on his path as a great content creator, storyteller, and athlete. Unfortunately, the trip ended with a tragic car accident that destroyed Andrew’s car and took the life of his beloved dog, Booter. It left Andrew emotionally and financially drained, with fears of the unknown and crippling debt.

“We honor Booter every day by doing as much cool stuff as we can.” - Andrew

After the accident, Andrew remained hopeful, but was experiencing extreme feelings of grief, loneliness, doubt, and thought the thrilling lifestyle was over. Luckily his personality, passion, and love shown through a few episodes and his social media content inspired fans from around the world to rally together and show him support. Andrew was shocked at how inspired followers of the show had been by his journey and the unending support they had to give for him and the Tiny Home Adventure series. Even after his lowest and darkest days, his passion along with the impact he was having on others is the reason that Andrew kept pushing to be where he is today. On top of this roaring response from his fans, GoPro also showed support and picked up a second season of Tiny Home Adventure in Alaska which allowed Andrew to rebuild and continue creating his series.

Once Andrew got a second chance to continue venturing into the unknown, he said: “We honor Booter every day by doing as much cool stuff as we can.” Carrying that same mentality with him, Andrew is now putting the finishing touches on his ultimate life on the road vehicle, the MuseRoamer.  After two years of, as he calls it, “ass-kicking work,” the MuseRoamer is just about ready to take on the next part of Andrew’s wildest adventures and experiences, and he could not be more excited.

Image of MuseRoamer Build by Andrew Muse

When he was asked about the greatest lessons he has learned from life on the road he said,

“One of the perspective shifts that I’ve found living in a vehicle in a small space, is living more efficiently. Everything you own has a purpose and it has space where it belongs…You learn to appreciate what you have and work with what you got. The foundation of happiness is appreciation and gratitude in my opinion.”

Photo by: Andrew Muse

Today, Andrew has seen some of his dreams come true, such as becoming a snowboard athlete and full-time content creator for Rossignol and kiteboard athlete for Ozone. Along his unique path, Andrew has seen many different sides of life from living out of a stairwell to squeezing nine roommates into a house fit for three to living in a Volkswagen Golf, an Astro Van, a trunk camper and more. Andrew has never lost sight of the blessings and lessons that he has experienced while living a life with less junk, less clutter, and more memories. Recently, he has started his next unforgettable adventure, this time in the MuseRoamer, that he has built from the ground up, with his girlfriend and his new golden retriever, Kicker, by his side. We cannot wait to see where these adventures take them. Make sure you check out his page to catch the new episodes of the Tiny Home Adventure Season 3!

Photo by: Andrew Muse

Thank you to Andrew for sharing your compelling story! It is inspiring to hear the successful journey of someone choosing to chase the unknown and live differently. If you want to learn more about Andrew Muse and see some of his work, check out his website or his Instagram linked below.

Written By: Anna Rice and Jason Crowe
Interview By: Jason Crowe

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